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The market sentiment is very sensitive to the economic indicators and you need to know how to deal with each of these economic indicators and how these indicators can change the market sentiment. So, FX-Recommends pays much attention to analyzing the news and the data beside our technical analyses which help us to tell you when you should hold and when it is the best time to trade. FX-Recommends appreciates the strong levels, the technical indicators reading and the Elliot waves theory. You don't have such these tough orders to trade at some points absolutely technically but here you can really have who to follow up the market with you to catch up with any change of current market sentiment which can effect on your current position positively or negatively. As the change of the current market sentiment is our school of trading forex. As forex traders should not depend on these technical analyses only. This can cause losses.


FX Trading Chat

This is the most active trading help you can have via web. The subscriber for having Trading Chat is to be in continuous contact with an FX consultant who gives him the answers of his questions, FX consultancies, technical analyses and trading plans . So by God's will, you will have the opportunities to make money and to learn FX trading strategies by subscription for having Trading Chat.


FX Trading plans

The subscriber can have the trading plans via his email when there can be a chance to be taken on the change of the market sentiment which can change the best to buy and the best to sell and you can have our signals redirect from your email account to your Cellar phone through your mobile service provider to it in few seconds with no need to check your inbox several times a day to have our signals updates by your PC. You can easily have answers to your questions about handling the trading signals plans as a normal taken positions.

You can receive our signals in a very active way for the money managers in these forms via SMSs.

- WE BUY GBPUSD @ 1.4970

LIMIT @ 1.51

STOP @ 1.488

We may send you updates to close by reaching this limit or this stop on the market changes


We move limit to 1.515

Or We move stop to 1.49

Or we can close at the current market price by sending that

- We close now at 1.501 on 40 pips of profits

God willing, the trading signals will be similar to these examples and your subscription will be activated directly in the same day of payment to catch up with the market with us in a fast way.

The Daily Trading Signals Plans

By God's Will, The signal is to be sent to you via your E-mail 3 times a day to cover the changes of the current market sentiment which can be caused by  (News, Data ... Etc) which can change the best to sell and the best to buy during the day. Each signal contains the expected directions of 10 major currencies instruments in forms of trading plans.  You can have detailed-answers technically and fundamentally about the signals any time of the trading day times. The subscribers here do not need to spend much time online but just checking their emails in fixed times a day to know what's new.

The Signals times

The first signal is by 8:00 am GMT

The second signal is by 1:00 pm GMT

The third signal is by 5:00 pm GMT

These are beside free commentaries contain the changes of the current currency market sentiment.

For more details, you can send E-mail: 



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