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 1: First of all, you should know that the future is by God's will and the door is always opened for some luck strikes can help you or tackle you from time to time.
2: The money in your account is always floating and it is on your anticipation and you always exposed on your experiences.
3: Believe in the situation not in the position.
4: Putting weights on the position is better than doing so on the positioning.
5: The market fundamentals such as the data or the comments can change the current market sentiment and by the way changing the best to buy and the best to sell and this can be against you or by your side. You should evaluate this change and try to be involved by its side.
6: Do not open a new position on a spike or a dip during the normal trading day times, as it is running on the current market sentiment forming a trend and it is not on data or certain even impact. The trend can persist and you may not get out on the correction you are looking for. In the same time, it can be a good chance to get along with the trend and you are wasting.
7: As it is the same market sentiment and there is no change, it is preferred to keep your own position, because it is not the suitable time yet to take profits.
8: Try to avoid the thin trading times, As the market moves in a side way and it is to be mixed and there is no clear direction and this light trading generally can help correction.
9: Appreciate the resistance, the support and the instrument movement, when it touches it. Mostly, the first touch faces strength but the second touch can come with an end of these strong levels. No need to remind you that the support becomes a resistance and the resistance becomes a support on the breaking of them. Most of the stop losses orders are there and the option barriers breaking can give much more strength to this base, as the buyers at the resistance needs to make profit at a higher place and also the seller at the supporting levels are looking for lower place too and their volumes are growing up.
10: Do not look for these spikes or dips to trade, this can waste real chances in the market to take much more controllable risk on positions.


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Global Market Strategist
Walid Salah El din


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